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Mdina pot - puleguso?

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I found this lovely little pot in an antique shop today.  It's about 4.5" high, and heavy.  Inscribed Mdina to the base.

It's not a design I've seen from Mdina before, with a acidy yellow puleguso (is it puleguso...there are small bubbles in it?) effect.  

I'm rather pleased with it an older piece do you think?

Max I know nothing much about Mdina designs etc, but this is one of the few pieces I've seen that I really think is a cut above the average. Is the item puleguso all the way down with the coloured band overlayed?

Paul.  It's puleguso all over.  The turq band is thinly overlaid to the outer surface.

I'll stick another pic up in a moment - I've never heard of Mdina puleguso - maybe I'm wrong.  Random small bubbles sound about right?

 I've lost some of the detail of the fine yellow tracery on the pot..but you can see the bubbles.

I reckon random bubbles, is the outer surface smooth, as in puleguso you frequently get a rough feel to the surface and burst bubbles. I've got an interesting puleguso jug I'll stick a piccy of up tomorrow and you'll see what I mean.
Istill think it's a really nice piece and one of the more interesting bits of Mdina I've seen though.

Thanks Paul...I like it too.  :D   Maybe it's not puleguso...inside and outside is smooth with no broken bubbles.   :?

Maybe Sue will manage to take a look later.  :D


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