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GTS Mystery Set 47 with variant tray pattern

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Any ideas for this lovely deep amber part trinket set please? The tray measures 28cm x 19cm.

Dirk has some pieces in green and I have some in blue... the pots are the same as yours I think, but the tray has a different base pattern but the edges look the same... see what you think: I think it's Czech (we've seen a piece marked Czechoslovakia) but no maker id'd as yet... still working on it!

Ohh yes it has many similarities, my pot is tiny, 7cm across such a cute thing lol, I'll post another pic, and thanks Anne, the plot thickens. :)

Actually I just went to measure the pot and noticed it has a little gap for spoon or something? Like a jam/honey/mustard pot. :-\

Oooh Anne look what I just found,

Same tray as mine, same pots and candlesticks as yours with measurements of large and small pots.

My pot is much smaller than both in the listing, hmmm maybe the "mustard pot" could lead us to our destination.  ;D

Ooohh what a fab colour that is! And one not often seen... I have one piece that colour (different pattern, same colour, unknown maker) and have seen a set by Davidson in that colour too...  and yes, I think we need to search the catalogues again for your preserve/mustard pot and see what we can find. Well found! :)


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