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Glass Identification - Hard to read writing ID = Chance "Lancer"

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Hi, Hoping someone can help. Ive been trying to read the writing inside a small bowl, but even with the magnifying glass Im having problems. Has anyone got any tips on the best way to view it. I have tried holding it up to the light and a few other ways. It looks a bit like Crance or maybe the first letter is an L. Not sure.  :(  Any help would be great. Thanks, Sarah.  I could post a piccy on if that would help, but I dont think the writing would photograph very well.

Please post a picture of the whole item, anotherone showing the mark and - please let us know where you live! I am sure someone around here may be of help then!

Hiya Pamela, thanks for the welcome. Ive just taken a piccy, hope the are ok  :)

This is a dish (one of a set of dishes) which I am trying to put on ebay, but cant think of any words to describe. Can anyone help in wording my title - shape of dish? Is it a pedestal base? Sorry Im not very good on glass. Thanks , Sarah  :)

Hiya Pamela  :) , I live in South Pembokeshire. I dont know of any glass people locally. Im trying to put a few things on ebay but its not going to well so far.  :) , Thanks, Sarah

Hi Sarah & welcome.
From what I can see, it says Chance.

P.S. You can find out more by going to Davids great site; click on Chance.


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