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Help with powder bowl please - ID = Bagley State pattern 3098

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Hi.  I hope that someone might be able to help me.  I have a small powder bowl that belonged to my grandmother.  I've always loved it, and a couple of years ago I was ecstatic when I found a matching ring holder and larger powder bowl on Ebay UK.  I would dearly like to complete the set, but I have no idea who made it or when or where it was made.  My family came to Australia from England, but my grandparents lived in India for a while, so I really don't know where the presumably once entire set might have been purchased.

If anyone can provide information on the set, a link to a photo of the set, and/or any hints on how I would best be able to complete the set, I would honestly be more appreciative than you could possibly imagine.  Apart from that one find on Ebay, I've been unsuccessfully searching the Internet for years.

Thank you also for a wonderful site.  My little powder bowl has carried me into a small collection of green glass, and I have learned so much about it from your site.

Hello and welcome, White Rabbit.  Do any of them have an RD number anywhere on the glass? If so, this may help us to identify the maker of your pieces. They remind me of my Hoskins Rose powder bowls - similar shape and style. (HR was an importer not a maker though.)

Thank you for your reply and the welcome.  I can't see a number anywhere.  Is there any particular place I should be looking?

Registered numbers can be found on the base of things or inside; they're usually no more than 2mm high. Try running your finger round the inside of the bowls, any 'regular' irregularities could be a number

I've looked and felt, but I'm sure there's no number anywhere.


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