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Hailware Hailwood & Ackroyd advertising pressed glass bowl

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Probably not the most exciting piece I have ever posted  :-[ but can remember Nigel and Bernard discussing H&A and Ackroyd & Best of Morley, Leeds West Yorkshire.

Please note I have included permanent (hopefully) photos  ;D

More photos here.

Chris :sun:

nigel benson:

An interesting preamble Chris:

--- Quote ---Probably not the most exciting piece I have ever posted
--- End quote ---

In some ways I agree, however, it's interesting to postulate that had that ash tray had, say, 'Whitefriars' sprawled across it, then the same thing (with the strong image of a glass blower) would indeed be considered interesting ;)

I find it astonishing that Hailwood and Ackroyd, and to some degree it's predecessor, Ackroyd and Best, produced such an array of different glass that the information has simply disappeared. Both produced commercial and domestic lighting, but H&A also made art glass, cut glass and pressed glass in addition to their architectural lighting panels. Although a number of these are known, any item by them can add to our knowledge of their production :) :)

Thanks for posting the images, Nigel

Hi Nigel, sorry should have worded it better, really meant interesting in it's appeal to members in general  :-[
I actually had you in my thoughts when I picked up I have made a note of the other trademarks they used and will keep an eye out for you on my varied travels around Yorkshire.
Did know a little about Ackroyd & Best and Hailwood & Ackroyd, the pressed glass and the miners lamps did they also do the globes for petrol pumps ?


Hi Chris thats really nice . :thup:

Cheers John

Chris :sun:


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