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Thanks ever so much for the Caithness link, Della! I've been trying to find out about non-paperweight Caithness for AGES, and although it doesn't cover nearly as much as I'd like, it's the only place I've seen with any at all! I've managed to find out a fab. oval bowl I have is by Sarah Paterson, though I didn't pay anything like those prices :P .


:P You are very welcome Christine and I know what you mean about finding non-paperweight Caithness.
I spent hours looking on the Internet until I came up with this site.
I know the prices are really up at the top end, but for reference, I thought it was great. Maybe it was just because the weights that I have are Club Collectors weights, but this was the only place I could find them. I didn't even want to find out about them for their value, because I intend to keep them, just to learn a little more for myself. (I can't really afford books yet)
I decided to buy the Mooncrystal weight, the price was too tempting.  :D

:evil: :evil: :evil:

Something I'm REALLY starting to regret, was giving a  "Comet" paperweight to the slimeball that conned me into a wedding contract. I seem to remember trying to remove it from his office when signing the divorce papers, but he had a "heavy" in attendance and it was grabbed back from me.  :twisted:

:oops: Sorry I wrote Christine instead of Sue. My apologies.
Not sure why, must have had my sister on my mind.

Mooncrstal was designed by Colin Terris back in 1977 and they came in Black, Blue, Green, Hyacinth, Pink and Yellow.  The original issue price was £15.00 US $49.50.
Hope this helps regards Tim


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