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Strömbergshyttan facet-cut amethyst bowls


I have been interested in adding some of the attractive Swedish Strömbergshyttan facetted crystal to my collection, but prices have been well beyond my comfort zone.  I compromised with two small amethyst coloured bowls, though auction price was quite high. This one is signed with the catalogue number T375, a triangular bowl cut and polished with an amethyst layer, 95mm long.  This one is signed with cat. number H91, a trapezoid shape 110 mm long, cut surfaces inset with an amthyst layer.
I understand that both designs are shown in the Pina Scandinavian Glass book.
There is no doubt that crystal produced by the Strömbergs has a distinct colour, and some of their facetted vases are spectacular, but expensive.  I prefer to have several pieces of Swedish glass to enjoy, rather than the same amount of money buying a single rarer item.
Has anybody found Strömberg bargains, or are they too well known?

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John had to look twice, but I think you have the same piece pictured twice. As far as bargains, I have two clear vases, one with an engraved fish, that I got really cheap at shops in my area. I think it depends on where you are and here in Iowa I am probably the only one who knows Stromberg. The two I have are not signed, but they do have lables. Terry

Thanks, Terry, sometimes cut and paste leads to errors.
This is the H91 ashtray-bowl.  Both very similar, and there was a third type that I was outbid on in auction.  Not much access to dealers here, but I  have recognised a few unidentified Swedish bargains.  Strömberg is so impressive with that thick bluish crystal and the marvelous facet cutting, that most dealers will price high even without knowing what it is.

Bill G:
Strömbergshyttan has a special place in the history of Swedish glass.
They have created unique forms and invented the satin blue color which
characterizes so many of the forms.
We have several pieces for sale at good prices so Nordic-NZ how do I contact you.
Bill G

I certainly agree, Bill, that the Strömberg family brought Swedish crystal glass cutting and manufacture to a new level with their monumental pieces.
I have visited Studioglas Strömbergshyttan and the Kosta Boda shop in the locality of the original Glassworks (before it burnt down).
The Swedish glass market in New Zealand is unpredictable, and often bargains are to be found, at prices below international levels.
I am looking for representative pieces from many of the original 79 Glassworks that were established in Sweden, but I can not afford huge prices.  There are several interesting pieces at auction here at the moment, so i am being tempted and stretched!  My collection is growing beyond available display space, but who can resist yet another bargain?
I have avoided international purchases, being so far from the rest of the world, as money transfer and freight costs can be very high.
Contact is  timarunz at but I may not be able to afford tempting Strömbergshyttan at the moment. :roll:


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