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Strange amber glass "object" ID= Dragan Drobnjak designer, Serbia

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Bought this "interesting" piece today, diameter 23 cm, height 16 cm, base is ground but not polished.
There are 6 indentations which build internal strips connecting top and bottom (sorry, I am not able to describe this technically in English, not even in German I guess).

Ideas on maker, date,...? (It was pretty dirty, so it may have been around a while; had to clean off even mice droppings :))
And I am wondering what it is meant for: is it merely an object, or a bowl, a lampshade,...? (a small bulb would fit in the opening, but as the base is not a circle I am wondering what the fixture would have looked like, then).

The technique reminds of some Pavel Hlava pieces (not the quality, I am afraid).

Any input greatly appreciated!


Anik R:
Hi Michael,
A similar object can be found on Jindrich's website, in the "Questions -- opened issues" section.  It seems not much is known about it at the moment.

If I may ask, what's not so right with the quality? Is it only the fact that the base isn't polished?
I like the piece... there is something oddly fascinating and entertaining about it.  Good find, whatever it may be. :)

 ;D Looks like a squashed doughnut variation of a "Witches' ball"!

I think the insidey strands are produced by sticking wet rods through the glass when still molten.

Thanks Anik and Sue!
The piece on Jindrich's site looks closely related to mine -- well spotted, Anik! :hiclp:

Unfortunately not much info in the text (according to Google translator), somebody seems to have seen a similar item on ebay with "MK 66" signature, so Miloslav Klinger, Marian Karel and Marta Kerhartová are mentioned...
So could it be Czech?

When I talked about the quality I meant the quality of the glass -- several air bubbles and inclusions.


This object has been on the board before too, although I wouldn't have the faintest idea of how to search for it!


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