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Glass salt ID - Registered to Whittingham & Percival, Manchester

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Susan GAle:
I have a glass salt cellar from England that has a mark in the bottom, which I am hoping someone can give me some information on.

It is a diamond shape with an oval at the top point with 111 inside it.  On the left hand point ther is a number 2, on the right hand point a v and on the bottom point an m.  In the middle is a capital R with a small d underlined twice.

Thanks for any help you can give me. :?:

welcome to the board Susan! I am sure quite a lot of our contributors here can help - I can't I am afraid :?

Hi Susan,
What you describe is a registration lozenge.
Making it that the design of your piece was registered in June 1876.
Under the III there should also be a number, that will give the day in June when the design of the piece was registered.
Should the number be a 6 or 14 then the registration belongs to Whittingham & Percival, Manchester.
For the rest, I am sorry, I cannot help, but maybe others can.
A picture would also be nice. :D

Susan GAle:
Thank you so much for the information.  There is a number 14 underneath the oval at the top of the triangle.  I had no idea that it was that old.  It belonged to my grandmother.  Now I can do some further research into the company.  Thank you again.

P.S. Susan.
That would be Manchester, England......not USA.  :D


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