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Beautiful "Owl in Tree" - ID = Val St Lambert


Bought this vase at a thrift store for almost nothing. :ooh: It is a beautiful piece with an owl in tree...
The vase is tall and heavy. Am trying to figure out who the maker may be. Any help translating this
mark/signature would be great. Still learning to take pictures. :thud:

What would we do without signatures. That is a nice engraved piece from Val St. Lambert. The model is designed by Paul Delvaux - at least that is what I think it says - and executed read engraved by <sorry, blank>  I'm really not familiar with all the VSL names.

super nice, really.

Anne Tique:
Pierre  Dias is the designer, D Hack is the engraver, i would date this back to the 70ies.

Great Anne ;D
Thank you very much for the information.

It is a great find.

Lovely piece.


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