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Just for a bit of extra info:

I cannot find this weight in the Charlton Catalogue of Caithness Paperweights (2nd edition, with items up to 2004). But we already know that some weights were not included in the catalogue for some (unknown) reasons.

The outer ring of canes are definitely Caithness canes, although the same cane can be seen in Edinburgh Crystal paperweights (which were made by Caithness) and also in John Deacon's weights, especially his former "St Kilda" line. This latter point is not surprising, since John told me that at one stage he was contracted to pull canes for Caithness.

(If this weight was an Edinburgh item, it would have had an "E" cane somewhere in the design.)

As Allan has said, Willie Manson worked as a designer / maker at Caithness. [Up until 1970, he was at Caithness but only as an apprentice and went with Paul Ysart at the start of Paul's own venture at Harland.]  My understanding from the books is that Willie's later Caithness activity started in 1974 but his first designs ("Millefiori Reflections" & "Latticino") were 1976 weights. His last design in that period was in 1979. A second period at Caithness started in 1981 and ended in 1991.

From 1979 to 1980, William Manson Paperweights operated, and the lower-priced weights were marketed as the "Scotia" range. As far as I am aware, the canes in the outer row of the "burning castle" weight were never used by Willie Manson during his independent period.

I am afraid I did not have much luck at Caithness about the "castle" weight.The only idea that came up was that it was a "special" edition for a specific company or event.This would also explain why it was not put in the Charlton book.Kev, as always,is correct with his Willie info.These weights were made at caithness after Willies return in 1981,this was when he had the deal with Caithness to market his weights and he also designed some for them as well I believe.I think this small mystery will have to wait till the man himself gives us the story.Colin Terris would have been the only other person to  tell us but sadly that will not happen now.

Thanks, everyone for your help. If anyone does find out any more info it would be really appreciated. I'm like a dog with a bone now!!!
Sorry if I've been a bit slow in responding but for some reason I am no longer getting Email notifications from the board. :?
One thing though I wondered if the odd number Limited Edition of 175 on this piece is unusual for Caithness, I thought these came in round numbers eg 50, 100, 500. 750 etc.
Bryn (not Brian)


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