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Dating Kastrup Labels...


I don't mean literally, obviously. Although both of these labels were on decanters, so at least they'd bring their own drinks... *phew*

But does anyone know during which years these labels were used?

According the information I have, Kastrup glassworks, Denmark (1873-1965) merged with Holmgaard in 1965, and was then known as Kastrup og Holmegaards Glasvaerker A/S, so this label probably is pre 1965.  Thats as near as I can get for you.


These labels are indeed pre-1965. I've a few examples of post-65 Kastrup-Holmegaard labels. I can amble along reasonably well with datelining Kastrup-Holmegaard and later Holmegaard labels, it's just pre-merge labels I find it difficult to pin-point. Especially when there are handfuls of export labels to confuse the matter!  :lol:


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