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pressed glass pre 4o's with pictures ID = Rindskopf "Marianna"

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ann morton:
Thanks Anne. Ive managed to put the pictures in the glass gallery.

--- Quote from: "Anne" ---Hi Annie, Tinypic images have a limited life and tend to vanish suddenly at unpredictable intervals, sometimes even before we've managed to identify the item/s pictured! so although easy to use, isn't recommended for longer term keeping of pics.

To keep pics online with your message can I suggest you use GlassGallery, set up to accompany the board to store just the board users pics, and which are never pruned out automatically (or manually, for that matter, unless you choose to do your own!).

It's easy to use and has the advantages of easy help in one of the albums (Help and How To) and techie help (from me!) if you need it.  8)
--- End quote ---


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