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Lovely butterfly weight - can someone tell me the maker?

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I've never seen one like it before. It's got flecks of aventurine in and there's an E carved into the base, or it might be a 3, an M or a W.

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Photo 2
Photo 3
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Photo 7

The e could just be a punty scar.

My guess is Murano - the bed of bubbles would fit.


--- Quote from: "KevH" ---My guess is Murano - the bed of bubbles would fit.
--- End quote ---

Maybe made by an apprentice?

An apprentice? Why? Looks as good as any other of the few Murano butterflies I have seen.

But maybe I just don't like the Murano ones very much, having been spoiled by the quality of the Paul Ysart ones or other Scottish makers, not to mention those of Rick Ayotte etc.



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