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Lovely butterfly weight - can someone tell me the maker?

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--- Quote from: "David555" ---Ahh Simone, if only I had some Ysart butterfly weights - that was me pulling Kev's leg - when he said he had been spoiled by Ysart I thought what about all the 1840-60s Baccarat butterfly weights you have :wink:  - no offence meant. I would take a Ysart over a Baccarat even though there is £2,000 difference LOL

Adam P
--- End quote ---

Adam, try just holding the Baccarat and look at the splashes of colours with the complex canes and unusual nuances in the weight. They're also much heavier than modern weights are. Vasarts are also lovely, but I wouldn't swap my antique Baccarat for a Vasart. I like the "paint splashes" effect that mine has.

On a par with the Vasart butterflies, has to be Willie Manson and John Deacons. I've got a few of their 1/1 butterflies that are absolutely exquisite - little jewels to say the least.

I'm upset about 2 butterflies I was going for on Ebay, but lost, because I fell asleep.  :oops:

I've a few Harland paperweights that caught my eye, but do you realise how expensive they are now?  :o

Hi  :P  :P

You are right - I woud have both, I would have them all - and you are right about the prices :roll:

I think I have shown this before - thought to be by W Manson - or Strathearn - actually I contacted Willy and his son said he recognised it as his Father's work - under Paul (ahhh we can only dream)

It is a pin dish - paperweight and along with some J Deacons my most beloved Butterfly - woops  :oops:  actually it's a dragonfly - do you still like?

Adam P

Just a few friendly comments. Only my own views, of course.

Simone said,
--- Quote ---On a par with the Vasart butterflies, has to be Willie Manson and John Deacons
--- End quote ---
I'm not sure what you mean by "Vasart butterfies" Simone. From the context I think you probably meant Paul Ysart butterflies? And that would make sense of Wille Manson's being on a par with them. In fact, in some cases I think Willie actually exceeded Paul's qaulity in his butterflies and dragonflies! As for butterflies etc from John Deacons, I think that some are very good, but not of the quality of Willie Manson.

Adam said, about the Dragonfly Pin Dish,
--- Quote ---... thought to be by W Manson - or Strathearn - actually I contacted Willy and his son said he recognised it as his Father's work - under Paul
--- End quote ---
"Under Paul" - Iteresting! I would have guessed the Pin Dish was made after Willie had left Paul Ysart's Harland works and most likely his from his independent years 1979 - 1981.

And, in a light-hearted moment, comments were made on ... swapping Ysart butterfly weights with those of 19th century Baccarat. Well, I would like to have a good antique Baccarat butterfly - particulalry one hovering over a double-clematis, or even better, over a bouquet of three flowers and a bud or two. But to be honest, I have always found the eyes on the Baccarat butterflies to be overly large and a bit "glaring". So on that basis, although such weights may command many thousands of £ or $, I actually prefer the Paul Ysart ones!

Finally, it is interesting to note that for insurance values some of my Ysart weights are now on a par with many of the antique Baccarat pieces!

Hi Kev

W Manson's son said he recognised it, I was dreaming that it may have been made under Paul - that did not come out clear in my former post - I agree with you ref the dates and origin - I think you helped me with this ages ago through your site

I prefer Ysart/Vasart butterfly weights (shhhh don't tell Simone LOL) you are dead right about the eyes  :shock:   I think they are still beautiful and like yourself if one came up for £100 I would snap at it like a crocodile LOL - actually if one came up for £500.00!

You have a good sense of humour Kev and shoot it straight back - I did stop laughing when I looked at the prices they are asking for Ysart rarities at auction and retail - butterfly & animal weights do fall under that category



Hi Kev,

I have to agree with the eye thing on the Baccarat butterflies, although the eyes on mine aren't too bad, but I like the overall colours on it, with the little canes on the front wings, but the underneath wings are so bright and cheerful, like paint splashes. Mine is on latticino and garlanded, so hasn't got any flowers. I'm saving up for another one with the flowers in.

I did mean Ysart butterflies, but got a bit carried away  :oops:

I have to agree that Willie's butterflies that I have are exceptional in every respect, and late spring/early summer will be ordering another 1/1.

One day, if I ever win the lottery, I'll get you a Baccarat butterfly on a flower. ;)

The insurance aspect is interesting - and I have to say, I'm not wholly surprised that some of the Ysarts are on a par with the antique Baccarats.

On another note, I saw an American website and the signed Ysarts on there were very reasonable - very, very reasonable - and the signature canes looked authentic too.


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