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Lovely butterfly weight - can someone tell me the maker?

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It has a naive charm about it - anyway, I like it, even though it's not as detailed or precision made as the Perthshires, Ayottes or Lundbergs, etc., but it stands it's ground as a nice little butterfly. :P

Even the Baccarat one isn't as detailed or precise as the ones mentioned above - and that also has a naive charm about it...

Hi all

Hey Kev I'll swap you one of my Ysart butterflies for one of your really good Baccarat ones c1845 - 60 LOL  --- on a mercenary basis only?

Simone - I think this is Murano from the 1960s, I am going on instinct but the colour striations with the aventurine is very like a lot of Murano glass of the period and it is not implausible that makers of bowls and vases would use same glass for paperweights. The bubbles are scattered but kind of even. I have Murano paperweights with this type of bubbling - there is also the frothy bubbling of a company such as Ferro & Lazzarini - I should point out the polished surface is so Italian - ref the E, my that looks badly done but Italians are famous for this - see Carlo Moretti.

What happened to our Murano paperweight experts/website dealers?

Just my thoughts - it is beautiful btw

Adam P


--- Quote from: "David555" ---What happened to our Murano paperweight experts/website dealers?
--- End quote ---

Jackie Lindsey drops in from time to time, but I know she's a busy lady - may even be in Venice at the moment  :wink:  

Carnival has just finished and last year she made her stock collecting trip in February to see the Carnival, so maybe ....

Thanks Adam,

It really is very pretty when you look at it in and turn it at different angles. The light catches the different colours and glints of aventurine.

As for your Ysarts, I don't suppose you want to post some photos on here so we can drool over them?  :lol:

Ahh Simone, if only I had some Ysart butterfly weights - that was me pulling Kev's leg - when he said he had been spoiled by Ysart I thought what about all the 1840-60s Baccarat butterfly weights you have :wink:  - no offence meant. I would take a Ysart over a Baccarat even though there is £2,000 difference LOL

Adam P


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