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Beilby armorial


I have this unusual decanter or serving bottle which i would like your opinion on.
The armorial is that of the Sandeman family of the Ports and Sherries fame. The glass is quite heavy wiyh a very slight yellow tinge. There is a few white oxide traces in the glass as well some small bubbles. The pontil has been polished.there are remains of gilding on thebase of the neck , foot, and very top. The enamel work has been painted on a glass lozenge which has been applied to the body, its edges have been polished. It is 11 1/2 inches high.

any coments would be appreciated
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Bernard C:
Deric — A beautiful piece of glass.

I developed an interest in Beilby glass nine years ago after discovering that a nurse who helped me recover from a motoring accident was a direct decendant.   So I read both of the books, but have seen only a few examples in museums.

As I understand it, the Beilbys popularised enamel decoration of glass and the style was taken up by others.   I believe that most examples are unattributable.

I suggest you contact Roger Dodsworth of Broadfield House Glass Museum or Simon Cottle of Sotheby's.    If these gentlemen cannot help you themselves, they will certainly be able to put you in touch with the recognised authorities in this field.

Thanks for posting your query here.   It was a great pleasure examining your photographs.

Bernard C.  8)


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