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Author Topic: Riihimäki - our new e-book  (Read 895 times)

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Riihimäki - our new e-book
« on: October 27, 2011, 05:11:14 PM »
Just released—our e-book on Riihimäki Carnival Glass from Finland.

For the past decade, we have been researching and recording the astonishing output from the Riihimaki factory in Finland. Now, after very many months of intensive work, we are launching our first Scandinavian e-book: “Riihimaki Carnival Glass from Finland”. Over 100 pages long, it is lavishly illustrated with hundreds of photos and original catalogue images from 1915 onwards.

Our Riihimaki e-book comes as a pdf that can be viewed on all computer systems and is available as an easy download or on CD. The e-book features an innovative Smart Pictorial Index that enables you to make quick visual identifications and then immediately access the pattern information. Navigation is simplicity itself and you can either scroll through the pages like a regular book, or select the specific item you wish to view. The easy format also allows you to view the text and images at a size to suit you – you can instantly increase the size and view it bigger (which is fabulous for the splendid photos) or simply keep it at a standard size.

We’ve kept the price very low for accessibility and affordability – and we ask that you support us to help our continued research. See our website for more information, details and prices (and a taste of how it works and looks) or just email us. We take Paypal (for International buyers, PayPal converts your payment into your local currency). You can also use PayPal to pay by credit card. Payment by UK cheques is also OK!

Here's an image from the cover to give you a taste of the glass!

Just releasedCarnival from Finland & Norway e-book!
Also, Riihimki e-book and Carnival from Sweden e-book.
Sowerby e-booksthree volumes available
For all info see
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