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Fostoria made in Romania

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I have some stemware by Fostoria made in Romania.  The out-of-focus label says "Fostoria Crystal Fully Hand Crafted Lead Crystal Made in Romania".  I did not know Fostoria had a plant in Romania.  Does anyone know when production in Romania started?

Fostoria would have just outsourced them to a Romanian factory. Power to them for honesty!

Fostoria was sold to Lancaster 1983 and the factory closed completely in 1986. Far more likely that these were made for the Fostoria brand, which is now owned by marketing company JMM Lee Properties, LLC Ltd

Christine is right on the money. Ken

A large crystal replacement firm listed this stem in their publication on stemware identification as the Carmel pattern made in Romania.  On their website they listed it as having been made in 1984-1986.  Someone reminded me that there is a Fostoria organization and I contacted their research department.  They said Lancaster Colony purchased Fostoria in 1982 (others say 1983) and that Lancaster farmed out production to Europe.  They said they had not heard about Lancaster selling rights to JMM Lee Properties but they weren't surprised.  They did not say it but I inferred from their remarks that prior to 1982(3) Fostoria did not outsource production to Europe.
So I guess production in Romania occurred between 1984 and 1986 under Lancaster ownership.  I did find another site that said several years after the factory closed in 1986, Lancaster contracted with Viking to produce selected pieces of the American pattern and this continued until 1998.  They said all ruby American is of this later production.  If this is true, I guess the rights JMM Lee bought didn't include the American pattern.  Better photos.


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