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Fostoria made in Romania

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Hope you get a response, but don't hold your breath. Lancaster Colony owned the Fostoria name & imported stems/ name it from Romania for the outlet stores for several years. They simply slapped Fostoria labels on everything they imported which was perfectly legal since they owned the name & frankly I would be very suprised if anyone can provide info on all the stuff LC imported from Romania & sold in the outlets.

The pattern I have from Fostoria from Romania is called Galleria.  It was imported by Fostoria in the mid 1980's, but I have not found out when it was discontinued.  It is still available under the Milano name, and is made in Romania in a variety of colors.  It is widely available today, and still being produced.  That is what I have discovered so far.  It is my new pattern to go with my Noritake Goldcroft china.  It reminds me of the Arizona sunset.  I have chosen the Glamour Green to go with the Noritake Bambina pattern, and the Debutante pattern for the Noritake Maya pattern.  Just FYI.  I will post more about the Galleria pattern when I find it.  I am not aware of any other patterns imported by Fostoria from Romania.  I think Princess House was imported from Germany, but not sure.  What I did was look up crystal stemware on ebay, and went through the 4000 items.  It is possible that your pattern is still made in Romania under another pattern name. 


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