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Is it ?

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I bought this yesterday :D

Side view

and base with ground pontil

bright sunshine is making the colours look pale and hard to photograph accurately, the base is really a lemony green
is it ?


Wow!  :shock:  It's very pretty!  :D  What unusual colours!  A nice change from pastel pinks and blues  :wink:

it's one of the ysarts but who not to sure, kev might know for sure

Definitely a Vasart weight, and I'd say it's early Vasart - from the Ysart Brothers years (1946 - 1955). Probably made by Salvador Ysart.

There do seem to be two groups of early Vasart weights - those with rough finishing to the base and those with better grinding / polishing. This is one of the better ones. Apart from a couple of minor points, the cane setting in this weight is good.

Hi Leni,   :D  
I'm glad you like my new weight, it really does look different in the glass rather than in a photo.  
I also must take this chance to thank you for pointing out this board to me ages ago,   I should have joined way back then   :oops:  :oops:
I hope that you don't mind if I still refer to you as "My friend"  :twisted:  :twisted:  

Hi Kev, Your time and experience are much appreciated, Thanks for identifiying another one for me , Salvador will do fine. :D  :D  



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