Author Topic: 6 Small Bowls/Ashtrays ---- All of them TOGETHER (A,B,C,D,E,F....)  (Read 922 times)

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This is the Group purchase I bought of 6 small bowls/ashtrays.  Figured no use posting one by one (and I *know* the rules) -- but since they are most likely all Murano (and one does have a Venetian label on it) -- I hope it is okay to *once* break the rules here.....since these were all purchased as a group.  Figured no use posting one by one like I did for some.

So forgive me -- as I have sinned ( -- by posting a group lot......this is the first time, and the only time I will do this......Honest  (

If anyone want separate post of an item, let me see it closer, or any of them  A.Seguso ?/

Am I forgiven for doing this.... :huh2:
:fwr: Rose
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