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Japanese Cased Bowls by "Wales"

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I'm not sure if these bowls/ashtrays have been ID'd before, but I came across them while researching Japanese glass:

A couple of links showing these bowls with labels that read "Wales, Reg. U.S. Pat. Off. Made in Japan":

No idea yet if Wales is a manufacturer or importer.

Well spotted Wayne, I have seen them offered for sale as 'Holmegaard' so many times....


Just searching 'wales made in Japan' these labels do seem to appear on a mixture of ceramic and porcelain items as well as glass, perhaps that might hint to them being an importer...everything I have come across has also been located in the states, so could possibly be an American importer.

Good point thanks, I see what you mean, deffo an importer or retailer then.

Couple more here with reversed colours and different Japan labels:

That last one has a Nasco import label, same as these.  I wonder if they might all turn out to be by the same manufacturer, Kamei.

The sellers of the two linked items in my first post have kindly given permission to post their pictures here for future reference:


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