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Japanese Cased Bowls by "Wales"

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That's very interesting Wayne,  because I have seen a few glass birds on USA eBay with this label, and I assumed they were a Japanese glass hadn't occurred to me that it  might be an thanks for that information.  :sun:

Very nice bowls, they would look great as a set if you had all the colours along with the reversed ones. Definitely importers labels. I will keep an eye out on Aussie ebay should any pop up here with a label. Might get lucky with a manufacturer label instead of an import one.

Wales with crown trademark first used in 1950 by New York Merchandise Co., Iin.  32 W. 23RD ST. New York. Trademark last renewed in 1975 so faded out by 1995. I have a catalogue from them somewhere?

They appear to still exist, trademark as above shows here

Smithsonian has a collection of their catalogues too. They seem to spend a lot of time in court too.

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Sorry, mini hijack  :hj:
Why do they spend so much time in court Frank?



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