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Glass website Indexed and improved (I hope)

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Hi Glen
it looks great! :P

I have your site indexed under recommended references and resources on our Auctionbytes forum.

Kev and Cheri - many thanks for your comments (and Cheri thank you for putting it on auctionbytes).

Kev - I think you mean this page (and the similar ones for Glass and Classic Carnival).

I thought long and hard about doing that (i.e. making all the article references into live links) but I thought that it would make the listing look too "busy" and complex. So I opted for an easy-to-read list. How I intend it to work is that the user should, say, look up the pattern > find the article/s they want to read > push the Back button > locate the live link for the article.

I think maybe I should ask as many people as possible for their opinions on whether this is easy or not. Or if they would prefer live links on the Maker & Pattern Index pages. My only fear is that it would make those pages hard to read.

Many thanks, Kev, for raising this issue.

I'm grateful for all and any views.

Yes Glen, that's the page.

I agree with your concerns about it perhaps making the page hard to read if you include the direct links - even if you display the links as regular text, without underlines, the user's view, after clicking will (most likely) show it differently.

But how about ... precede each reference with a small clickable element (like a radio button) and have the link attached to the button. That would keep it simple and clean.

Kevin's right Glen, I went to that page saw no links and decided it was just a list of designs so hit the back button. However you do it, it should be linked as that is what people expect on the Internet. Remembering things from one page to the next is not my Forte :oops:

Kev - great suggestion.

Frank - right on.

Loads of work ahead of me now  :lol:  :lol:

Many, many thanks.


ps I'll report back soon!


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