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Help Identify Signature Details on "Orrefors 1930 HF14&

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Hello there! I unfortunately do not have these books and was wondering if anyone could look in your books/guides to help me with my orrefors glass siggy? Orrefors cobalt-cut-to-clear overlay crystal glass bowl  Signed "Orrefors 1930 HF14" Dimensions approx 11.75" L x 7" W x 6" Deep

I was told that H= HALD F = CUT OVERLAY   and that it was in a book called "Orrefors A Century of Swedish Glassmaking See page 229"

Anyone have that book? Can you please help? I am handicapped and its quite difficult to get to the library to check these books.
Much appreciated

You don't need that book.

See the thread I started yesterday,4483.0.html

All you need is the Great Glass site and Ivo's book  :lol:

Hi Vida,
From what I can tell in Ivo's book, Hald is Edward Hald 1907-1947 (which I presume is the period that he designed for Orrefors) F=cut-to clear, as you know. I don't know if 1930 is the date or a date code.
Wish I could help more, but my knowledge of glass leaves a lot to be desired.
Ivo's book really isn't expensive and you can buy it online.  :D  :D

Hi! That's why I am asking anyone who may have Ivo's book to assist me.
I do not understand the Great Glass site  :?

According to Ivo's book 1910 started in 1938 and  2021 in 1939.  So 1930 would make the piece made in 1938 if that is the date code.  I don't think they used straight dating of the pieces.


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