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Any thoughts on this pitcher?

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I've had this pitcher for a while now. It's very heavy with a polished pontil and stands 22" tall. Anyone know what it might be? I saw a picture of a Boda piece that looks alot like it, but I really don't know.

This pitcher is very heavy, weighs 6 1/2 Lbs. with a weighted base and a polished pontil.


Hi Cathy
Well that makes a BIG difference ! WOW thats heavy !!!
Certainly Scandi quality and the pontil would tend to suggest that too.

I have a Holmegaard one - generally regarded as good to high quality -rather less bonkers than yours. It also has a polished pontil - but only 11" and 2.75 pounds weight with a base thats almost an inch (higher inside than on the surface).

Yours could also be Holegaard,  Boda / Kosta Boda or any one of a dozen other Swedish companies.

There's nothing in my Scandi book remotely like it but that means nothing - you'd need a hundred books like it to cover a small proportion of total Scandi output during the 70s which is when Im guessing this dates from.

with such a size and weight it would be a floor vase. I do not agree with big name scandinavian - it is lacking in elegance and if it were it would have been signed. Pieces in this size are often Polish.


Hi Peter,
  Thanks for your input.  You got me looking at some Boda and came across this vase. It's the same color as the pitcher. I can't seem to get a good picture of the pitcher so you can see it has the same coloring. I'm leaning toward Boda because this vase is so similar to the pitcher. I don't see the bonkers thing. I think the pitcher is made quite well. But then again, I'm attracted to this type of glass from the 50's and 60's it's what I collect. I love stately pieces. Again many thanks!


Ivo ...I haven't looked at a lot of vintage Polish glass only new, so I don't know if this pitcher looks like polish glass or not. I don't believe it to look like the polish glass I've seen so far. Maybe if you send me in the right direction I can take a look.

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