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Strathearn P2 Stoer?

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I bought this at a car boot - I asses it as a Strathearn P2 Stoer - large size 3" - c1965 to 79 (Through R More SmugMug site)

It has a polished base and a worn Strathearn label - it looks like the weight on Richard's site, but my paperweight has a lot less sand and granite through the bed, also Richard does not mention mica flakes / gold chips which this weight has a fair bit of.

2.5" high, 3" diameter, 600g weight approx.

I am thinking different craftsman technique here?



No, it is a P2. The gold specks could be minerals though...

Stoer is an outcrop of mixed rocks, possibly a lava flow, on the west coast of Scotland.

Thanks Frank

I think you are right 'fools gold' (Pyrite) - very thin flakes looks like mica and very sparkly

Yes, P2 as on Richards site but his P2 named 'Stoer' is more dense?


Adam P

Strathearn bought a bad of granite dust from a lcoal builder and this was used to make the Stoer weights.
Angus Sillars, the designer at Strathearn, came from a nautical family and used to enjoy sailing. He sometimes stayed in the village of Stoer and sailed around the Stoer coastline past rocks called The Old Man of Stoer and the headland Called Point of Stoer so he named this new design "Stoer"
Dave Moir, head glassmaker at Strathearn told me this story and it is always nice to pass on snippets of information like this


--- Quote from: "daveweight" --- it is always nice to pass on snippets of information like this
--- End quote ---

Indeed it is!  :D  Thank you very much!

You certainly seem to be very well travelled in the paperweight world, and we are very glad to have your 'snippets' on the board!    :D


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