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Archive ID?: Liskeard Glass - Nearly Knobbly, poss Leerdam?

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Bernard C:

Thanks.   Excellent high quality information from your first eBay reference.   I have emailed the seller, "cheski90" with a request for the source of this information.

At least I can now see how the effect was achieved.   If you replace Ronnie Wilkinson's "S"-shaped tool (Jackson p88) with a tool with a ring at the end it all becomes clear.    This all fits well with the ex-Whitefriars glassmakers, who may have been unwilling to copy old Whitefriars patterns too closely, and introduced new styles to the Liskeard range.

I am always cautious about the word "common", Kevin.   If you have a production of 200 items and only ten collectors, then it will be common.   If you have 400 collectors then it will be extremely rare.   I suspect that Liskeard "knobbly" may come in this first category at present, and may well prove to be an excellent investment at current prices.

I am really enjoying this search for information.    As a spin-off I made a discovery about Sowerby's glassworks which I think is new information and explains a puzzle that I had not resolved about their C20 production.

Bernard C.

Is Liskeard Glass the agreed attribution or are we still uncertain?

Bernard C:
It is, Frank.

Bernard C.  8)

:D I'd agree it was Liskeard. (Looking at one just now myself, knobbled with something circular, LG on the base, as described.) Cheers, Sue


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