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Kosta signed Lindstrand & Bergh Vase, three digit #


Hi. I'm stumped on this Kosta vase & have run into a wall. Normally I can decode these, however this one totally confuses me. I picked it up at a private estate that had mostly 30's prewar pieces from France, England & the Scandinavian region. It's six sided, everything polished, blown of course, 8 1/2" in height X 5 1/2" diameter, weight is 8 1/2 lbs. It is signed as follows: Kosta L.R. 640 Bergh. Here is what confuses me, I know who Elis Bergh was, however the L. I would think is Lindstrand. I cannot decode the R. which I would thing denotes the type of work. I know the pic isn't the best of the signature, but it's impossible to to get it to turn out because it's a semi-circle & the glare comes into play. Here is my question. Is this Lindstrand's work? What does the R. stand for & why would Bergh be in the signature since he was primarily a designer.  The vase is rather plain, the only work being the engraved Lion. Also what might the era of production be? 30's, 40's, 50's?

Any help decoding this is appreciated as I cannot find any R. designation as to the type of work. Thanks, Ken

Mod: The picture link above is broken. If you own this piece and you still have the photograph, we'd appreciate your contacting the moderators so that we can restore the image to the thread.

Bill G:
The initials are not Vicke Lindstrand.
In my opinion, the LR reflects either the glass blower or cutter at Kosta.
Unfortunately, I cannot id these initials.

Thanks. So if L.R. is the blower, then Bergh would be the engraver I take it.
Since it's 3 digits is this a 30's piece?

Bill G: Thought I'd let you know that I was referred to a Kosta historian of sorts, You were correct that L.R. was the engraver, however records were not highly detailed in 1934 the year of production & the Bergh design script signature in full helped date the piece. Thanks, Ken


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