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Unidentified vases, does anyone know the maker?

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I want to sell these on Ebay, but haven't any idea who made them:

Vase 1
Vase 1, detail
Vase 2
Vase 2, detail

Modern Chinese is most likely.



I was "taken in" by exactly these pieces when I first got interested in glass, I'd read about "Graal", but never seen it. When I saw these in an antique shop, quite cheap, I reckoned it was worth getting them, just in case. Having found out what they were, I sold them in Oxfam for nearly what I paid. They're still decorative, I just don't like flowery stuff.

I do like flowery stuff, as you know!  :lol:

I'd agree, modern Chinese.  I particularly like the second one!   Let me know when you're listing them, Simone    :wink:

Simone, is the decoration on the surface of the glass or inside it, please?


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