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Apparently this is Fenton Persian Medallion (on the inside) and Grape and Cable on the outside.

I believe it's a fruit bowl, 10" across.

I cannot see a mark. If it has one, would it be obvious?

How can you tell a reissue from an original 1910/20 piece?

David Doty's Carnival Glass website ( mentions that there are reissues but it isn't clear to me what has been reissued or how to spot an original. Any further light would be greatly appreciated.

Paul S.:
Wouldn't wear be one of the obvious indicators of age  -  especially if, as you are saying, the originals were issued that long ago?

It talks about reissued unmarked amethyst plates and doesn't mention reissused fruit bowls at all, so I would think you are pretty safe with this one being original. There's a lot of old Fenton in the UK. The mark is quite large and either Fenton in a moulded script or Fenton in a oval.

This one is unmarked.

Possibly made for a retailer? Or even faked???? Old news but informs this thread:

Faking was a concern in 2007 ...?

This item is an "original" Fenton in blue Carnival glass (dating from 1910-12) and has not been reproduced.

After Fenton announced its closure in 2007, a groundswell of orders enabled the company to restructure its finances and continue on, although producing fewer new lines. In July 2011, the company announced the cessation of its traditional pressed and blown production. We are currently making beads and hope to produce some industrial glass, but our large multi-pot furnaces and all of our tanks are now cold. 


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