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Per Lutken Design....?


I recently bought 9 pressed glass Holmegaard pieces with the same swirly design, and they were attributed to Lutken by the seller - was just wondering if anyone could verify?  :D

PS: Yes, I know there are only 6 pieces of glass in the photo....  :D

Can't help, but let me say, I really like these. Terry

Thanks.  :)

I don't usually go in for pressed glass myself, but I think these are retro-fantastic - especially the asymmetrical vase:

Hi Nic,
The only thing that I can find is this;

Just scroll down.

It is in Japanese, but it says, Skjold-Holmegaard-Per Lukten.

Thanks - that's great!  :D

What a strange website, though - Holmegaard glass and Michael Jackson toast - Turin style.


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