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The Encyclopaedia of Caithness Glass Paperweights

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The Encyclopaedia of Caithness Glass Paperweights now available in small quantities.....

620 pages, 2200+ colour photos.

40 years history, 4+ years research and writing, and all for 1/2 the price of a good paperweight (which only takes a few hours to create).

What a bargain!

Print and Binding is limited to around 10 per month, with order to delivery time of 4-6 weeks typically.

However, I currently have some in stock - if anyone is interested.

It is not available from any online retailers currently (although many list it at silly prices they can't even buy it for), nor is it on ebay yet.

If you email me at :

enquiries (AT) tamefox (DOT) me (DOT) uk

- you will get an auto-response with current price and delivery info at any time, and I can follow up with a PDF synopsis and a book review by Derek Carter of the UK PCC.

There is a £10 discount to forum members, and £5 for each copy sold from the forum will be donated to the forum running costs.

You can also PM me here, but I can only send PDFs via regular email.


Could you clarify if you mean this forum or the Scotlandsglass forum please.

This forum of course !

Members just need to tell me where they read about it.

You haven't actually mentioned the cost either Andy

As the price may vary with time (e.g. bigger print run would bring cost down, or alternative bindery may push cost up) I felt that it was best to let the email auto-responder deal with that, as mentioned above.


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