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Australian markings and signitures on art glass, different artists

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I have put lots of labels and signatures at

I have many more to add but time is against me right now.  Will continue as soon as I can.


Hi everyone,

Nice to be amongst you.  Collecting Aussie glass has become an enjoyable challenge, especially now, as many more collectors are into it. I guess all web-pages are put together to display our joys and to inform and encourage each other in our collecting pursuits, so I'm glad you like it and thank you for the comments.

Yes, Ross has some real winners on his website and here is another new site on Aussie Glass, a blog for reference as well.

Happy New Year

Hello Steve - welcome aboard THE BOARD.   :hiclp: :hiclp: :hiclp: 

I bet you find this group are so helpful with all you overseas glass as well as Australian pieces.



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