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Can anyone help me identify the maker of this beautiful opalescent bowl?

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Lillies Pad:
New to the forum and new to collecting glass. Got my feet wet with murano and Fenton.
My niece found this at an estate sale.

You should be giving your niece heaps of  :kissy: :kissy: :kissy: :kissy: :kissy: :kissy: :kissy:  what a spectacular find.  Not at all what I would normally collect but if that had crossed my path I would have grabbed it.


it should be a Northwood pattern. I remember the outer pattern, which is called "Meander". Maybe you'll
find your bowl here on David Doty's great site on carnival glass:

Lillies Pad:
Thank you all so much.. I found it after hours and hours of searching. I did suspect it was Northwood and it is the Meander pattern.
I found a website that referenced it to Standard Encyclopedia of Opalescent glass Second Edition.

please mind, that "Meander" is just the name of the back pattern and can be found on several
- for want of better word - "main" patterns. I've browsed the list on David Doty's site and
couldn't find the leaf pattern like on yours, so maybe it doesn't come in carnival or it may be
a rarer pattern.
Unfortunately my knowledge of American pressed glass is quite limited, but now we're sure it's
Northwood there will surely be a route to investigate further.  :)


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