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Victorian? French Vase = Edouard Henry Dreyfous

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:?: Frank - I ran a search through the pages that you linked to, but found no hits for "emile". Have a missed something here?

Try this page

He appear to have been a desiger of luxury goods or decorating artist but as his family move in more upper class circles this might not have seemed the most appropriate career for a gentleman. Certainly he is hardly mentioned anywhere.

Ok, thanks Frank - My "Find text" function worked this time and I found the Emile you referred to. But I still don't see any info to suggest it's the E. Dreyfous of "Dinklepips" queried piece.

I can, however, make sense of it possibly being the "Edouard Henry Dreyfous" mentioned in Della's link, as it is said that he was a London retailer. And "Fait a Paris", with his "E. Drefous" signature could fit quite well.

There is actiually quite a lot of stuff with this signature and it all has a common theme of luxury knick-knacks it was one of those that had emile in the description, though it was in French. So I looked for emile and got that article, it seemed to tie in.

any idea of age Frank


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