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Author Topic: 25" tall monumental uranium glass vase - hand enamelled Etruscan  (Read 984 times)

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Re: 25" tall monumental uranium glass vase - hand enamelled Etruscan
« Reply #10 on: March 17, 2014, 10:46:20 PM »
Hi Alisa
nice to see you posting again and thank you for the picture.

I wasn't judging an entire company's output on one vase :)  Just commenting that there was quite a big variation in quality between this huge vase and my Harrach transfer printed vase.  Not to say Harrach didn't make my vase although I have nothing yet in any way to give me a suspicion that they might have done.

Yes having done lots of searching, I believe there was a revival of Etruscan interest again early this century.  However I haven't found anything in the style of my vase, or the quality of it,  that makes me think it dates to that period.

Re Harrach making this style again in the 20's, do you have any pics at all please?

There is nothing in the Harrach book re this period.  All it says on page 188 is:
'The popularity of themes from Classical Antiquity continued until the mid 1880s, when painted figural compositions once again began to replace transfer prints.'
The item it shows above this caption is 224 Two Handled Vase 1885 which is bright pink with a gilded charioteer picture and gilded handles:
'White opal glass shaded to pink from lower end,mould blown, stem and both handles hot-shaped. Matte treated, Classical charioteer figure painted in matte, raised gold and silver. Handles and foot matte gilded.'

The decoration and style is nothing like my vase.   I suspect that although the theme was still Classical Antiquity, the interpretation and decors using that theme, had moved on from the 1850s and 60s.

With reference the shape of the very large vase in your photo, it is very similar to my vase, but having played around with photographs of my piece to replicate the photo of yours, I think it's different. The stem on mine is slimmer and longer/straighter and the egg shaped body on mine is slimmer  than the vase in the Passau I think.  But it is very difficult to tell from photos. 

The only vases I've found that are similar to mine are a pair converted to lamps, that appear to be the same shape but have slightly different enamelling, all the same theme though.  The other is the one in the Hermitage that has similarities in the decor but in a different palette and isn't as ornate as  mine.   On that one, the rim and neck match my vase, but the rest of the body of that vase is a completely different shape.
The last piece is the Nachtflasche I linked to above where the decor is similar in theme and the people are painted in a similar way facially.

The last thing of note is that I believe every little roundel on my vase (medallions in the hairpieces, decoration on clothes, device in the graphic borders etc ) was originally gilded.

I'm sure an id will turn up one day and thanks for trying to help.  I appreciate it :)


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Re: 25" tall monumental uranium glass vase - hand enamelled Etruscan
« Reply #11 on: March 18, 2014, 08:21:17 AM »
The odds of finding an absolutely identical piece to your own is very unlikely. Especially since there is no way to tell for sure what the foot originally looked like.

as I said there is an example of the basalt classic styling in the truitts book from the 20's. it's marked czechoslovakia. I believe the white bodied pieces have been shown from the 20's too with the czechoslovakia mark as well. i'd love to show you examples but this isn't exactly the sort of thing that captures my interest enough to keep a folder. :) it's out there. I don't think yours is from that period. the quality from the 20's isn't high.

I know of 3 possibly 4 or 5 Czech companies making things of this quality, Harrach, Josephinenhuette, and  meyrs neffe and possibly loetz (they were doing identical stuff to those three companies early on.  not a lot is confirmed from them at this point in time but they were doing it) I also have to imagine Reidel was probably doing the same things as well in this time period but again not a ton is known from them in this time range...

my money is one of those companies. odds are you'll never know for sure.

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Re: 25" tall monumental uranium glass vase - hand enamelled Etruscan
« Reply #12 on: March 18, 2014, 09:13:22 AM »
Hi Alisa
thanks - all good suggestions for makers and yes it's a long shot on finding the maker.

But I have found a pair of lamps that are the same shape and similar decoration just different details, presumably part of the range.  The lamps are also enormous and the same shape so I believe the foot is what would have been my foot.  It's difficult to see exactly what it would have looked like though as they have gilded feet surrounding the foot for the lamps.  But I think as I said earlier in the thread, that it could be similar to my Harrach transfer printed vase,therefore similar to the large vase you show.

Of course it is possible the Harrach vase is the same shape as photos are very difficult to judge by when things are so similar.  The only things that struck me are that the stem and foot on the lamps and my vase are slimmer and longer and the body appears to be slimmer.  But as I say, that could just be trying to judge on a photograph.  Certainly the Harrach vase looks a similar size by comparison to the other pieces (I'm assuming they are not all minute :) )
Unfortunately, there are no pieces in the Harrach book that have this kind of decoration - yes other Etruscan pieces, but none like this Nachtflasche decoration or my vases at all.

The main link I have to the enamelling is the Nachtflasche set I linked earlier sold at Dr Fischer's  as the decoration and the way it's done is so very similar to the people on my vase.  It was sold in the Russian auction and the id for it was
Kaiserliche Glasfabrik St. Petersburg, wohl Alexander Briullow (Entwurf), um 1840

Milchglas. Auf der Wandung in bunter Malerei ausgefhrter Dekor: Figurenfries nach antiken Vorlagen. Stand und Hals orange akzentuiert. Goldringe min. berieben. H. 8/15,5 cm (04823017)


I'll post if I find anything else and thanks for your help.  Much appreciated.




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