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Two Mdina vases, further info appreciated :-)

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I got Mark Hill's book "Mdina and IOW glass" as a Christmas present. :rah:
This seems to have triggered my success in finding Mdina pieces in Vienna (which isn't too easy, unfortunately).

Yesterday I found the beautiful, rather tall (35 cm) bottle vase with clear strapping, and today a lovely side-stripe/lollipop mix vase, 21.5 cm high, with lots of silver chloride.
Both have the engraved "Mdina" mark to the base, the latter also has a paper label.
I know, neither early or rare, still any info on them regarding date of production, designer etc. very much appreciated :)

I have read in this thread Mark Hill's comment on another side stripe/lollipop vase, so I guess production should date to late 1970s to early 1980s?
Similar bottle vases are rather hard to find on the net, here is one in orange with blue strapping a little bit shorter than mine, dated to 1979.
I added 2 pics in backlight -- Mdina glass IMHO looks best that way :sun:


Anik R:
Very nice pieces, Michael, though I know nothing about Mdina. John (glassobsessed) has got beautiful photos of early and later Mdina glass in his albums.  Worth taking a look and drooling over.  :)

Thanks, Anik! :hi:

I love to look through John's albums (what a collection! :mrgreen:)
Unfortunately I have never seen any early Mdina glass here in Vienna...

BTW, while searching the board today I saw that you have a nice piece of Mdina as well :)


Anik R:
I had a nice piece of Mdina... actually I had two very nice vases (the lobed one, and a 'fish' type one).  But I gave them away.  C'est la vie. :)

I just cannot part with anything (and neither can I decide which area to focus in -- so much beautiful glass from all over the world :)).

All the best for 2012 to Krakow from Vienna! :rah:


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