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Pamela? Glen? Anyone know about this Dresser Set?

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yes, I sure can see the difference in those flower frog figurines!

well thank you again Pamela! I have learned SO MUCH from  this discussion  :) as always, you are a wealth of information, and thanks for being so generous with your time to share it.

I will post back here if I am able to get any more info on the green dresser set.

Pamela, DOH!  :oops:  I just clicked on the links but didn't scroll down!  Of course both vases were there!   :roll:  Sorry! :oops:

Cheri, I had a pair of the 'one arm up and one down' 'Nymphen' candlesticks.  I have seen both variations a few times since I sold mine, and have come to feel that it was the 'both arms up' ones which were Walther, and the others 'Czech'  :shock:  

IMHO the 'one arm down' version are not as pretty as the 'both arms up'  :roll:   I wonder if you (and Pamela) would agree with my view that Walther ladies tend to be much prettier?  On that basis alone I just have a 'gut-feeling' that the 'one arm down' mermaids are not Walther.  Their faces certainly aren't as sweet looking as the 'arms up' mermaids, nor the ones on the lids of the powder bowls, and certainly nowhere near as lovely as one on the tray!   :shock:

I have many thoughts, questions and comments with regard to these issues.

1. To the best of my knowledge, the Nymphen candlesticks are not shown in any Walther catalogs that I am aware of.

2. The candlesticks were surely part of the toilette set that Walther made - the tray and covered jar are shown in the known Walther catalogs.

3. Re. the variation on Nymphen candlesticks.... it is surely possible that Walther had more than one mould for what must have been a popular item. The two different styles are known in the typical Walther colors. Possibly one version was a new (easier) model. Sowerby did exactly that with the Covered Swan - made a new mould that was easier to produce.  Maybe the "less pretty" Nymphen was a later Walther version.

Don't forget that Walther were making glass to sell. In quantity.

4. I have satin effect items that I can only see in 1930s catalogs from Walther - Marina centerpiece and Nuremberg basket.

5. Many glass companies exported specific colors or patterns to certain areas of the world. Fact.

Just a few thoughts.



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