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Pamela? Glen? Anyone know about this Dresser Set?

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thanks for looking Pamela :)

I guess it could be a "marriage" set but the pieces are just so well camera is glitching on me and so I shall post a close up of the jar asap

thanks again!


--- Quote from: "pamela" ---Martin's whole set is PRISMEN I believe  8)
--- End quote ---

Ohhh Pamela, I think this is the same as my clear candlesticks that I've been trying to identify for a long time:

Is Prismen the maker or the pattern name?

Cheri, is this the same as the pots on your set?

Your clear candlestick holder seems to have another 'ornament' right under the cup? If not, and if strictly like Martin's,  it should be WALTHER Prismen (1931, when they issued a catalogue together with Radeberg)

Prismen is the German plural of PRISMA

also Brockwitz had their PRISMEN pattern, but it is different

both my above bowls should only give you an idea  :)

I am still not sure, whether Martin's tray is really Walther Prismen, but the candle and box are, IMHO

Unable so far to find any FLORA pattern in my catalogue copies  :cry:
Your tray has an arched rim, Martin's obviously not  :evil:  :twisted:
But, as pointed out in that MARY thread - and also Glen had contributed in this sense: the tray pattern was made by:
Walther, Brockwitz, Radeberg, Streit, Inwald and even more  :?

Thanks Pamela

well, I guess I am going to just have to list it the way I have the tray(link below) pressed satin glass and then state that I am still trying to determine maker and pattern with the help of the experts here.


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