Author Topic: George Sherwood Eccleston Flint Glass Works St Helens Sugar Bowl & Cream Jug  (Read 1461 times)

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I agree the 2 pictures out of your catalogue look almost certainly to be the same as my sugar and creamer.

I also believe that pictures from catalogues are also not always identical to the finished pieces. I think unless proved other wise you have to say that they are early M&W pieces

Thanks Roy

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Here are a couple of photos of the sugar basin to match Roys Sherwood & Co. cream jug in the first post of this topic thread.  The basin is 5 inches high, with a bowl rim diameter of 5 inches. The sugar basin is RD 67468 ( and bears the lozenge for 15 February 1850).

(Permission to re-use of the images of this item on GMB granted by mfor15).

The cream jug, with the same registration date, is RD 67467.   

There were only two other designs registered by George Sherwood and Co. in 1850, both registered on 23 May 1850 Parcel 4:
RD 69516  tumbler
RD 69517  sugar Basin
so Roys sugar basin, also shown in the first post of this topic thread, must be RD 69517.

Does anyone now have a photo of the tumbler RD 69516 to share?

Ive trawled through the early glass registrations (Thompson, Slack, National Archives online catalogue) and it would seem that the four registrations mentioned here are the sum total of glass designs registered by George Sherwood & Co., Eccleston Flint Glass Works, St. Helens.


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