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Could this be a Sasaki vase?


This opaline (?) glass vase had a label when I bought it, consisting of a logo in silver, below which was printed I *think* either "Sasaki Crystal" or "Sasaki Japan" or something very similar.

STUPIDLY I did not note these details down  :cry:

The logo was an "S" shape in silver, with I *think* a bar through the top curve of the S.

Sadly, due to a misunderstanding, this label was washed off!!!

Does anyone recognise this as a Sasaki work???

Many thanks ...

Dimensions: 230 mm H, 140 mm Diameter (bulb), ~ 60 mm Diameter (throat)

I found this image of the Sasaki logo, which sparked my memory ... very similar to mine, only in mine the "S" was silver

Hi and welcome, Mashley!   :hi:
Great you managed to find the answer and hope you´ll be surprising us with further posts, requests and riddles in the future.
One little question though... I seem to spot a watermark in the picture you posted? Is it your own picture? We might get
into trouble otherwise...  :-\,24434.0.html


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