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Michael Harris attenuated bottle vases

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Hello everyone, just a quick one about some vases i bought at a boot fair.
 I was lucky enough to snap these up before the dealers got to them, they are,or seem to be, a matched  pair of Michael Harris bottle vases. My question is, would these have been made as a pair, or has someone been lucky enough to find two near identical vases over time? They are both 385mm high, of the same colouring and sit so well together.
Also, i need to put these on my contents insurance, would them being a pair increase their value by much? I was thinking a value of 450-500 for insurance? Lastly i have to say this is a great group you have here, a very valuable resource, if i could find one for Chinese bronze as good as this i'd be very happy!

They won't be a matched pair, honest - just a nicely complementary couple.
Any chance of a pic? There are several different designs and heights and scarcities.
I'm not sure about value as a "pair", given they're not. I would think if you were to sell them you'd do better with seperate sales - at different times.
Are the Mdina or Isle of Wight Studio Glass? Are the signed?

Probably bought together and have since stayed together, that is how I ended up with two of mine. As Sue says, quite a few variables re value and can we see some photos please. ;D

If you run into trouble attaching photos to this thread, reply and ask for help. Some tips here:,6522.0.html

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All of my "balanced for display purposes" bits were found seperately.  8)
Every piece of Mdina or IoWSG is unique.

Have to confess to being a bit of a Luddite i'm afraid, have uploaded some pics to picasa, but cant seem to do anymore with them. Could try to e-mail them if anyone wants a look.


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