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Michael Harris attenuated bottle vases

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Thanks for all the feedback guys, and a very big thanks to Sue for getting a pic up for me, your help is appreciated so much.
  I think i'm slowly winning the battle with my wife, convincing her that they are a sound investment to be held on to for a while. But if i do ever decide to sell i'll post details on here.


They are particularly beautiful pieces, they are very, very desirable. There are only a limited number of them made, over a short period of time in the early days of IoWSG. Michael Harris' hand was in nearly every one, if not all of them.
I reckon a very sound investment to be hanging on to.
I'm certainly hanging on to mine!

I've entered these in an auction sale, although i still have time to pull them as i missed this months auction so wont be going under the hammer until 21st March! They're being sold as a pair, the auctioneer seems to think they'll do better that way.
 Also selling my signed and numbered weight. I'm a bit reluctant to sell, but needs must i'm afraid so they have to go  :(

They're up with Tooveys in West Sussex but wont feature on line for a few weeks yet. As i said i have about 10 days to change my mind before they start cataloging them. I'm going to do my best spreading this little bit of news, if you want to know any thing about them feel free to email me

Thanks  Gavin

 :) You can make a new thread about the auction in the Market Place forum here - which is the appropriate place for any sales to be discussed.


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