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Michael Harris attenuated bottle vases

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I'm (more than) happy to have a peek and see if I can get them uploaded here.
You'll find my email address by clicking on the icon under my name. (pms don't work here, it will have to be email.)

Hi Sue, have sent you an e-mail, hoping it came through ok. Pretty certain they're IOWSG, unsigned and no labels present.


They're Isle of Wight Studio Glass "Aurene" bottles. I still need to download and fix them for posting.

Pics are a bit fuzzy, Gavin, but enough to be able to id them.
The colours are really good in both. :thup:

How tall are they?

Pictures don't really do them justice, i have a great camera but laptop is a bit old and doesn't have a card reader so my son did it all with his phone for me! The one on the left is 39cm with the right being 38.5cm.



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