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You asked for it and now it has begun but I need you to realise it for the community!

Just published on the site with two new menus, one for Caithness Glass articles and another for Caithness Catalogues. At bottom of menus on front page. no counters so no pop-ups!

These pages need an overseer, writers and image contributors. I will set-up and post the pages but will not have enough time to create the content.

So will Caithness collectors join in and make this section as comprehensive as the Monart & Vasart section are and the Strathearn and Moncrieff sections will be becoming.

Ask any questions here so we can have a good discussion about how this will be run.

Frank, are you interested in all Caithness or just a certain time span? I have three pieces - 2 perfumes and a small bud vase, all the same colourway (heather I think it's called?) but not sure if this is what you're interested in? I don't think mine are very old (one has its plastic label still) but they are not shown on the Caithness site at all.

Hi Frank
Here is a picture of Magnum Opus which is a treble magnum made in 1988 by Franco Toffolo and was a limited edition of 100. It has a seven inch diameter and weights over 16lbs. The small weight by the side of it is a miniature version made for their collectors club and is 3" in diameter.

Hi Anne, Everything!

Dave thanks.


Frank, (and all others interested) I take it you do know that Franco Toffolo, having retired, is now having fun working with John Deacons and Willie Manson. He's produced some lovely vases in the "Scottish style", mottled colours, swirly pull-ups and loads of aventurine, latticino works, paperweights of huge proportions....


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