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wheel cut glass signed "Notsjoe FK"


Are the wheel cut pieces signed Notsjoe FK done by Friedl Holzer-Kjellberg? they seem to be attributed to Kaj Franck most of the time,  Anyone have the specifics of these? There are a few on ebay atm that are listed as Kaj Franck.

heres a picture of one:

theres another design on ebay now and still no one has verified anything about these, anyone here have some insight?

hello level,in my honest opinion these pieces have nothing to do with kaj franck.
unsure as to why they are marked notsjoe and not marked nuutajarvi notsjo.
there is a glass school at nuutajarvi in hot glass and i think in cold working.
as to whether these items are by well known designers or students i still cannot give any insight but will look out for those initials.
hope this has been of some use

I agree, I really don't see any correlation to anything Kaj Franck has done.


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