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A new weight, but I'm baffled as to maker - any ideas?

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I'd feel better if the source(s) was/were actually murano makers and not a retailer.
That being said, if weights are made in China by Chinese hands then the weights are indeed Chinese, not Italian (Murano).

To cite another example, it is well known now that in the 1920s-30s, American dealers sent 19th century French & American weights to China for the express purpose of the Chinese making inexpensive copies for the dealers to sell to collectors in America & Europe.
Many of these were well done and of course, are collectable in their own right.
However, some unscrupulous dealers tried to say that these weights were, in fact, the real thing, ie, authentic 19th century French & American weights.

Nowadays we know better and no one attempts to say that, because the designs are 'French' or 'American', or because American dealers encouraged their making, then these weights are 'French' or 'American' weights.

The weights are Chinese weights made by the hands of Chinese makers.

See what I mean?

Yes Mark I do, but they are Murano weights made in China - if Muranese designs and out-sourced production of of a Muranese company. For a collector this is a huge distinction and if it could be announced publicly with evidence would seriously embarass the glass producers involved. For that one would need copies of the paperweork between the comanies in Italy and China. The end result would be that in tiny letters at the bottom of some Murano labels there would be the words 'Made in China' or 'Foreign Made'. They would still appear on eBay without label.

The only antidote is full documentation of Chinese paperweight production... I look forward to the first tome on the subject.

We could probably go back & forth with this ad nauseum ... LOL ...

Suffice to say that I disagree for reasons put forth in my previous postings.
And if true, those Murano makers Should be Embarrassed.

The main reason I have serious doubts of the accuracy that Muranese makers outsource to China is because Muranese makers have such a large production capability of their own.

Another reason is that this calling/labeling Murano weights Chinese has Seriously de valued actual Murano weights, the best of which Used to command much higher prices on ebay & elsewhere but alas, no more.

Finally, just to highlight the point I made in my previous post; They Are Chinese weights Made in China, regardless.
Just as those 1920s-1930s Chinese copies of French & American weights that those dealers 'outsourced' to China are also Chinese weights Made in China.


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