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Author Topic: peacock eye trailed vases - Stuart or Walsh? late 19th or Edwardian?  (Read 7762 times)

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Re: peacock eye trailed vases - Stuart or Walsh? late 19th or Edwardian?
« Reply #70 on: March 16, 2014, 04:19:53 PM »
 ;D phew - thanks for confirming.  I was just a bit confused and thought you must have meant Stevens and Williams :)
Glad to know.
The one in the Corning yes, there is a link.  I've put it on here somewhere.. I'll find it and add it here for you.  iirc it has the description of them buying it and then finding the rd number.  They bought it I think because they owned one that they believed was a Carder piece from his collection, but then when they got the new one and found the rd number,they realised what they had wasn't Carder but Walsh.
If I have recalled incorrectly I'll pop back and correct this post when I add the link.

The link is on this thread
the link to the Carder story is here for expediency :)


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